Jennifer Buchli

Jennifer Buchli

International Space Station Program Chief Scientist

As the chief scientist within the ISS Program, Jennifer Buchli represents all NASA research on the ISS and provides recommendations to program managers and mission directorates within NASA. In this role, she ensures science leadership in the operations of research on the ISS and leads the definition of science needs for the ISS Program.

Jennifer was formerly the Deputy Chief of Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where she has also served as the center’s Deputy Chief Scientist. Jennifer’s previous NASA experience includes ISS Deputy Chief Scientist, focal lead for life sciences and international collaboration for the ISS Program Science Office, and ETHOS instructor and flight control training in the Flight Operations Directorate.

She has served as both a Principal Investigator and Payload Developer for ISS Flight Investigations. Prior to joining NASA, Jennifer worked in stem cell research at Massachusetts General Hospital – Harvard Medical School and University College London.