Ron Joslin

Dr. Ronald D. Joslin

Program Director
U.S. National Science Foundation

Dr. Ronald D. Joslin has been the Program Director of the Fluid Dynamics program at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) since 2016. He has supported research in biofluids, complex, micro/nano, transition, turbulence, & non-Newtonian fluids, a joint NSF/AFOSR effort in hypersonic transition & turbulent flows, and NSF/CASIS experiments on the ISS. Under 14 NSF/CASIS solicitations, the NSF/CASIS/NASA team has co-funded 49 projects scheduled for testing on the International Space Station. In 2020, he was appointed to the Science Subcommittee of the ISS National Lab User Advisory Committee to support the community and advise CASIS. Prior to NSF, Dr. Joslin was a Program Officer at the Office of Naval Research, was the Navy Principal responsible for High Performance Supercomputing resources across all Navy laboratories and programs, taught & conducted research at the Pennsylvania State University, and led scientific teams and programs at the NASA Langley Research Center. He is a Fellow of the ASME and an Associate Fellow of the AIAA.