Dr. Alessandro Grattoni

Dr. Alessandro Grattoni

Chairman and Professor, Department of Nanomedicine
Houston Methodist Research Institute

Frank J. and Jean Raymond Centennial Chair, Chairman and Professor, Department of Nanomedicine, Houston Methodist Research Institute, Houston, Texas, USA.

Dr. Grattoni’s research activities are dedicated to the development and clinical translation of implantable technology platforms for controlled long-acting drug delivery and cell transplantation. Active areas of research include HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), metabolic syndrome, and intratumoral cancer immunoradiotherapy. Additionally, Dr. Grattoni’s laboratory is actively studying electrokinetics in nanofluidics for modulating molecular transport to achieve a remotely controlled drug delivery platform for telemedicine. Further area of research is 3D-manufactured microencapsulation devices for the transplantation of endocrine cells. The primary focus is the creation of a protected environment supporting cell transplantation, long-term viability and function. Areas of applications include type 1 diabetes and hypogonadism among others. With the support for the ISS National Lab, Dr. Grattoni has established a Center for Space Nanomedicine at the Houston Methodist Research Institute, fully focused on leveraging the microgravity laboratory of the International Space Station, for the investigation of nanomedicine approaches for the benefit of patients on-Earth as well as for Space exploration. Dr. Grattoni is founder and scientific advisor for two spin-off companies, Semper Therapeutics and NanoGland which are focused on the clinical translation of the technology platforms developed in his laboratory.

Major Areas of Research
Nanomedicine, Nanofluidics, Drug Delivery, Silicon Technologies, Implantable Devices, Space Medicine, Cell Transplantation