speaker Jessica Gagen

Jessica Gagen

Aerospace Engineer/Speaker
Miss United Kingdom

Jessica is a dynamic graduate of aerospace engineering, an accomplished Miss England and the current Miss UK. Possessing a unique blend of technical expertise and public presence, Jessica has been able to leverage her skills and knowledge to break barriers and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers through use of international media and TV.

As an ambassador for the National Numeracy charity, Jessica passionately advocates for improving numeracy skills across the UK, recognising the critical role that mathematical proficiency plays in both personal and professional success. Her work with the charity has helped to raise awareness and drive initiatives that support numeracy education and empowerment.

In addition, Jessica has successfully collaborated on high-profile social media campaigns with industry giants such as Boeing and the European Space Agency. These campaigns have showcased her ability to bridge the gap between complex aerospace concepts and the general public, making space and aviation topics accessible and engaging.

Her journey from the engineering lab to the pageant stage exemplifies her versatility and determination; she has utilised her platform to champion STEM education, particularly through use of her STEM School Talks which she delivers free to schools across the UK. Jessica’s inspiring story and impactful work continue to motivate and influence many, making her a prominent figure in both the aerospace and public spheres.