John SHoffner

John Shoffner

Perseid Foundation

In May 2023, STEAM advocate, and business pioneer John Shoffner served as Pilot of the Axiom Space Ax-2 mission to the International Space Station (ISS) becoming the 598th person to orbit the Earth. During his mission, John participated on multiple research activities, hosted live events with schools and produced a series of educational videos to excite the next generation of space enthusiasts.

Shoffner is an accomplished aviator, skydiver, basejumper, racecar driver, whitewater kayaker, hang-glider, cyclist and lifelong space enthusiast. He discovered his love for art and science at an early age, and it never left him.

John is the founder of the Perseid Foundation which works to bring world leading partnerships to develop STEAM curriculum and programs to underserved schools across Appalachia. His work is to help young students recognized their inner vision and find the path to live their most purposeful lives.